Mezzanine Floors

We are experts in designing and installing mezzanine floors or levels to maximise the client's space in the most cost effective way. Our head office is based in Cape Town, but we supply and install products nationally. 

We offer two types of mezzanine floors, namely structural or rack supported floors. Structural mezzanine floors are custom designed and creates an open floor underneath the mezzanine level. Beams can be specified to carry much larger weight and span more than double the rack supported beams to give it an overall clearer floor space. With rack supported mezzanine floors multi-tier installations can be created using both steel platforms and raised storage areas supported by shelving, for additional storage of bulk goods, office space or elevated storerooms.

Mezzanine floors add floor space at a fraction of the cost of building and can be designed to be completely bolted, ensuring that the entire floor can be relocated in future. An engineers certificate will always be handed over on completion.