About... Steel Shelving

We supply the following types of Steel Shelving:

Bolted Shelving
Nut & Bolt style shelving with universal slotted Angle Posts fully adjustable for your requirements 

Rivet Shelving - Single
Engineered to provide safe, economical storage of virtually any kind of hand loaded material. Starter and add-on units combine to form economical rows of shelving. Rigid, boltless connection between beams and posts. Top and shelves are double rivet and assemble easily without tools. Common tee post between units assures additional rigidity. Braces not necessary. Shelves adjust on 3.8cm centers. Optional heavy single rivet beams available. 

Rivet Shelving - Double
Standard and heavy beams are available depending on your load requirements. Decking and center supports are sold separately. Loading 150kgs per level.

Clip Type
The Rack is connected by the angle steel and special bolt. It can be combined and assembled freely, the distance of layer is adjustable.

Use with 9mm board or steel shelf
Goods can be stored from both sides. 
Can be assembled easily by a rubber mallet.
Maximum vertical clearance between shelves.
All material can be galvanized or powder coated.